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Scott Drake 5 3/4" Starlite Halogen Headlamp Assembly Ford Mustang 1969

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Now available from Scott Drake, this Mustang 5 3/4" Starlite Halogen Headlamp Assembly is a unique custom high performance halogen headlamp assembly that is made with real glass along with an all metal construction. This headlamp assembly is not polycarbon plastic like most other aftermarket bulbs out there that crack, haze, and yellow from the heat of a halogen bulb. This assembly is a simple plug and play unit with a single locating tab on the back to make this light a universal fit in to any 5 3/4" round light assembly. There is no need for any modifications to the existing original OEM buckets, or the inner/outer rims like most aftermarket bulbs. The back side of the assembly uses a flat rubber seal attached to the bulb, and then it is covered with an additional rubber boot to form a double seal to protect the bulb from dust and moisture. The internal halogen bulb is street legal and can easily be replaced. If the bulb fails, you wish to change the color, or change the wattage, replacements are readily available at any auto parts store. Note: Inboard headlamps will require bending 1 spade connector out of the way or purchasing correct style filament bulb.


  • Brand: Scott Drake
  • Product Type: Headlight
  • Ford Mustang 1969