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VR Performance Jeep Gladiator JT | Wrangler JL Cold Air Intake Kit

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Upon the release of the Jeep Gladiator JT, many enthusiasts were thrilled to see the Gladiator make a reappearance. The only issue was the lack of power and aggression coming from the engine bay. The 3.6L V6 certainly serves the Gladiator's purpose, but many Jeep buyers expected it to come with a slightly more aggressive tone. This is where the VR Performance Cold Air Intake comes in.

The VR Performance Cold Air Intake turns the wimpy sounding Pentastar V6 into a growling machine thanks to the Rotomolded plastic construction, high-flow air filter, and vastly improved airflow. Compared to the OEM intake, the Rotomolded plastic on the VR Performance intake is more durable and offers improved heat resistance to keep your intake air temperatures lower. Reduced intake air temperatures result in denser air, resulting in more power from your engine. Equipping your Gladiator with the VR Performance cold air intake will add some styling to your engine bay and give your engine a deep growl as the throttle body opens up. The inside of the intake is completely smooth to allow air to flow without resistance and efficiently deliver cold air to your engine.

Another significant feature is the Super-Nano Web Technology air filter. his air filter requires no oil and can easily be cleaned. Without the use of oil, there is no possibility of your airflow sensors getting gummed up over time and potentially causing issues. The filter media catches fine particles and prevents them from entering the intake while allowing sufficient airflow. When the filter gets dirty, simply use light compressed air from the inside to blow out the dirt and dust. Once the filter is clean, it can be installed on the car and driven immediately.

We achieved precision fitment through the use of 3D scanning and CAD modeling. Ensuring proper fitment is essential to VR Performance. The PCV tube and air sensor placement are in the factory location, which eliminates check engine lights and the possibility of the vehicle going into limp mode.


  • Installation Instructions
  • Rotomolded plastic construction
  • Durable and highly heat-resistant
  • Smooth inside promotes efficient airflow
  • Gives off a deep growl upon acceleration
  • No tuning is required for installation
  • No check engine light guarantee
  • Precision fitment thanks to 3D scanning and CAD modeling
  • Factory sensor and PCV location prevent CEL and limp mode